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Referee Fees

Elite Girls Soccer League
Referee Fees 2014 – 2015 Season


For the 2014 – 2015 EGSL League Season, referee fees are as follows:

U9 and U10         $80.00 per game (50 minute game)

U11 and U12                 $100.00 per game (60 minute game)

U13             $110.00 per game (70 minute game)

U14, U15 and U16     $134.00 per game (80 minute game)

U17 and U18        $150.00 per games (90 minute game)

Each team should pay ½ of the referee fee per game as follows:

U9 – U10        Each team pays $40.00 per game

U11 and U12        Each team pays $50.00 per game

U13              Each team pays $55.00 per game

U14, U15 and U16     Each team pays $67.00 per game

U17 and U18         Each team pays $75.00 per game

SOCAL - The EGSL has contracted with one referee association to provide referees for all EGSL games.

Referees are to be paid in cash only, no checks. All fees should be paid prior to the start of each game.

Teams are responsible for paying the referees at the field prior to each game.